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November 23, 2011


With Green Living, Less means More...

Green living does not mean radically changing your lifestyle. It rather means living healthy while simultaneously taking care of mother nature's well-being.

Conscious home owner have banned plastic bags from their homes, swapped out the incandescent light bulbs for compact fluorescents and have replaced the shower heads and toilets with low-flow models.

So, what's the next step for homeowners who want environmentally friendly and energy-efficient "green" homes?

Home owners want it all--a green home that enhances their lifestyle, even as lifestyles change over time. They want to be able to easily repair and remodel, and incorporate the latest technologies without tearing the house apart. They want to feel safe, secure and comfortable. And they want a green home to be affordable, yet feel custom built. 

Meanwhile, builders want to build the high quality, affordable, flexible and energy-efficient homes that customers desire. They also want ideas and strategies to build homes more efficiently. 

To satisfy all these needs, it is imperative to integrate heat/energy recovery devices in modern homes to their air-conditioning design to keep control of humidity, energy, indoor air quality (IAQ), economy and productivity of the occupants. 

As per USGBC, Average Savings of Green Buildings are :

  • Energy Savings – 30%
  • Carbon Savings – 35%
  • Water Use Savings – 30-50%
  • Waste Cost Savings - 50-90%

Architects and builders have begun using green principles at residential projects to address increasing energy needs, IAQ problems and rising costs. Energy efficiency over the entire life cycle of a building is the most important single goal of sustainable architecture. 

National Codes and International Standards provide for minimum 20 CFM of fresh air per person to reduce indoor air pollution and avoid health related symptoms. Such codes present a tough challenge to the HVAC engineers as they have to provide the necessary fresh air for the building occupants without increasing the air conditioning tonnage. Thus, there arises a strong need for such fresh air equipments which give fresh air to the building without adding energy cost. 

DRI, India's largest manufacturer of energy saving equipment has provided solutions to some of the sick buildings to improve the quality of air and reduce considerable amount of energy.  Their Air-Conditioning solutions provide Fresh Air Ventilation for better health, total comfort, increased productivity. DRI’s Energy Recovery Ventilators with EcoFresh wheels inside make this possible without adding tonnage or significant increase in energy cost and gives one the triple advantage.

  • Better IAQ
  • Energy Saving
  • Humidity Control

Few of the energy efficient homes maintaining IAQ with DRI ERV are as below...

  • India's first green home "Avani" at Jubilee Hill, Hydrabad
  • Claris Life Science - M.D's bungalow, Mumbai
  • Highway Service Pvt Ltd - M.D's Bungalow, Daman
  • Residence of Mr.Sanjay Jhunjhunwala - M.D,Mani Karan Group
  • Sindhu Granite - Residence of Mr. Selvaraj 

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