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Fresh Air Ventilation
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Fresh Air Ventilation

April 27, 2011


The rapid expansion of commercial, modern buildings and spaces have increased the participation of air-conditioning and its resultant problems in our lives. Very often, in order to lower energy costs and limit air-con tonnage, the quantity of fresh air is cut down, resulting in many health problems.

VENTILATE . . . for better IAQ

ASHRAE* has been advocating for healthy volume of fresh air and upgraded the ventilation rate in the current ANSI/ASHRAE* 62+ Standard to 20 ~ 30 CFM (35 ~ 50 CMH) depending on the nature of activity in the building. Ventilation removes or dilutes the pollutants, stale odors and provides a healthy and comfortable living environment.

Meeting ASHRAE* 62+ standard, provides the necessary fresh air for the building occupants but presents a tough challenge to the HVAC engineer. The outdoor air at a higher design level, needs to be conditioned to the level of the indoor design condition, which increases the air conditioning tonnage considerably. The recurring energy expense is another matter of concern.

A ventilating device equipped with an efficient energy recovery wheel is the first choice of an HVAC engineer. The air, exhausted for bringing in fresh air, takes with it, the energy used to condition it. The energy, so lost otherwise, can be recovered with the aid of energy recovery wheels and used to pre condition incoming fresh air and thus save energy.

DRI makes this possible without adding tonnage or significant increase in energy cost and gives you the triple advantage.

DRI “Green” products help to optimize energy performance of Air Conditioning Systems resulting in :

  • Considerable reduction in installed tonnage
  • Reduction in utility bills for entire life cycle
  • Enhanced IAQ
  • High productivity and reduced health risks


Benefits of DRI EcoFresh Fresh Air Treatment Range

  • Pre-conditions incoming fresh air
  • Easily integrated/retrofitted into new/existing ventilation systems
  • Delivers fresh air throughout the year in a cost efficient way
  • Helps to meet ventilation standard without raising energy costs
  • Allows reduction in fresh air tonnage by 30% to 65%
  • Standard and customized options

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