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Evaporative Cooling Pads
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Evaporative Cooling Pads

April 28, 2011


As electricity prices and building's power consumption continue to rise, energy costs are getting increased scrutiny. Cooling accounts for more than 40 percent of electricity usage within a well-designed building and, in many cases, represents a significant opportunity to reduce building's energy costs.

Evaporative cooling utilizes the basics of air and water to produce a very significant temperature drop. Evaporative cooling can also create a desired amount of humidification to increase efficiency of machinery or comfort in buildings. Because of its effectiveness in cooling and humidification, evaporative cooling is the primary choice in such industries as: gas turbine, greenhouse, livestock farming, automobile painting, residential cooling, and commercial building climate control.

An evaporative cooling system consists of pads which are designed to absorb and hold water and give maximum surface area for air and water contact. As air passes through the pads the natural evaporation of water creates cooled and humidified air.

The economy of using evaporative cooling is surprising to most people. A 90% reduction in energy used by using evaporative cooling compared to a conventional air conditioning unit seems too good to be true.

Energy costs are  likely to continue to rise in the future as will the energy requirements of most organizations. Taking steps today to increase the efficiency of the cooling system can offset the impact of rising energy costs.

DRI is listed amongst the forefront Evaporative Cooling Pads manufacturers and exporters, based in India. DRI Evaporative Cooling Pads are highly distinguished from others available in the market on grounds like high structural strength, high wettability, extremely low pressure drops and negligibly small edge buildup. Moreover, DRI Evaporative Cooling Pads are also manufactured as per the specifications and drawings provided by the clients.

Features :

  • Customized Sizes : EcoCool Evaporative Cooling Pads can be tailor-made to suit your business.
  • Water Retention : EcoCool Evaporative Cooling Pads are made of a special grade cellulose paper and are engineered from specially treated cross-sectional fluted media, capable of absorbing and retaining water to provide the maximum cooling efficiency.
  • No Edge Build-up : EcoCool Evaporative Cooling Pads have smooth/fine edges, which help to lessen building of dust particles thus enhancing the life span of the pads. It is easy to maintain, wash and scrub.
  • Compatible : Retrofits easily and is compatible with all air handling systems.
  • Gluing : The cross sections of the EcoCool Evaporative Cooling Pads are glued on with special glue. The glue does not deteriorate even after staying in contact with water for years.
  • Weight : Designed to take on more water on the same amount of space. The geometry of the cellulose media provides cooling without any water carryover as long as the air velocity through the pads is less than the recommended maximum. It takes in almost 20 to 40% higher amount of water.
  • High Efficiency : Cross corrugated and resin treated media allows better wettability and more effective cooling even at lower air volume.
  • The Undisputed Leader : EcoCool Evaporative Cooling Pads are the first choice of the industry for years.
  • Durability : The EcoCool Evaporative Cooling Pads are treated with stiffening and rot-resisting agents for structural strength. Its structural strength allows it to stand alone without any support thus, saving on the cost of support material.
  • Competitive Price : EcoCool Evaporative Cooling Pads require very low running cost. Hence more profits.
  • Technical Support : To provide customized solution for every application.
  • Exported World Over : With their superior quality, EcoCool Evaporative Cooling Pads are preferred choice for OEM's in Australia, Dubai, West Asia, and USA.
  • Effective Cooling : Lowers temperature at minimal energy costs.
  • Cellulose Base : Engineered from cross sectional, specially treated fluted media capable of absorbing and retaining water to provide maximum cooling efficiency.
  • Energy Efficient : Allows higher cooling with lower air volume; pads are over 80% efficient.
  • Longer Life : EcoCool is synthesized with specialized antirot chemicals.
  • Rigid Structure : The specially engineered fluted structure of EcoCool prevents sagging and resists clogging.
  • Lowest Maintenance : EcoCool has a unique structure that minimizes buildup of dust and other dirt on it.
  • More Effective : EcoCool can handle treble the air velocity over the same area, compared to any other type of pads.
  • PLUS EcoCool can be customized for special applications and is compatible with all air handling and conditioning systems.
  • Retrofits Easily.

Used for :

  • Poultry farms, hatcheries, breeding area, livestock and daily farms.
  • Green houses, mushroom farming, seed farming and horticulture.
  • Industrial and commercial areas.
  • Turbine 'air intake' cooling.
  • Residential.

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