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Cross Contamination
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Cross Contamination

April 27, 2011


DRI EcoFresh Energy Wheels have a coating which provides selective adsorptions which eliminates cross contamination of bacteria and airborne contaminates.

In hospitals, clean rooms and animal houses requiring stringent control of IAQ and 100% fresh air, these wheels provide the best options. The wheels are coated with 3A/4A (molecular sieve) as the desiccant which allows even the smallest diameter pollutants to blow over because the pore size of the desiccant allow only molecules smaller than 3A/4A in diameter - 5000 smaller than the diameter of the human hair to pass into the fresh air supplies. As a result the contaminations remain in the exhaust air stream.

In built purge sector eliminates cross contamination. The purge sector flushes out the flutes before they enter the supply air side. Purge section and labyrinth sealing system limit cross contamination to 0.04% of the exhaust air concentration by volume.

The EcoFresh Heat Recovery Wheel, recovers total energy (sensible as well as latent) to meet all the requirements of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), humidity control and energy savings. Incorporation of EcoFresh Heat Wheels into the air-conditioning system means more outdoor air at lower energy cost (reduced chiller and boiler/exhaust load). EcoFresh Heat Wheels use custom made metallic honey comb matrix coated with EcoSorb Molecular Sieve desiccant.

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