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Cooling Large Green Houses Economically

June 5, 2012


DRI EcoCool Pads provide the ideal media to keep temperatures low in Green Houses and other agricultural areas. They use the simple principle of Evaporative Cooling i.e. passing fresh air through the wet surface to bring temperatures down.

Green House Plants are highly valuable and need extreme care during all stages of growth. DRI EcoCool Evaporative Cooling Pads help provide a controlled growing environment for growing specialty crops and plants in Green Houses. 

Solar radiation and transpiration of plants are two main elements, which add to the heat load from the Sun in a Green House to create an unwanted climate, which is harmful for plants. Cooling of Green House is necessary when outside temperature goes beyond 24°C (75°F) and also when cool crops are to be grown. Temperatures inside a Green House with open ventilation can be as higher as 11°C (52°F) than the outside ambient temperatures. The detrimental effects of high temperatures are typified by loss of stem strength, reduction of flower size, delay of flowering and even bud abortion.

Evaporative Cooling is the best solution to keep temperatures low in Green Houses. The biggest advantage of EcoCool Evaporative Cooling Pads maintained Green Houses is that they maintain a high humidity at a temperature which does not fluctuate drastically during day light hours. This retards loss of water by the plant to the surrounding drier atmosphere. Thus, reducing the stress on the plants and enabling them to grow and produce more fruits and/or blooms.

Benefits with EcoCool Pads

  • Protection of plants from precipitation, excess solar radiation and temperature extremes, etc.
  • Off-season nursery can be raised.
  • Crops can be grown throughout the year.
  • Crops are of very good quality and give good yield.
  • Ideal for Hydroponic Green Houses
  • Creates ideal environment for growing nursery plants, specialty crops, floriculture and seed farming

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