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AHRI Certification
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AHRI Certification

April 27, 2011


AHRI is one of the largest trade associations in the nation, representing more than 300 heating, ventilation, air conditioning and commercial refrigeration manufacturers within the global HVACR industry.

Certifying Product Performance

Across the globe, regulators increasingly depend on AHRI for accurate and unbiased evaluation of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and commercial refrigeration equipment. The association’s certification programs demonstrate to government, building owners and homeowners that equipment performance claims have been independently measured and verified, instilling consumer confidence and enabling fair product comparisons.

To be certified, manufacturers’ products undergo testing by independent laboratories under contract to AHRI. Equipment and components are evaluated using the appropriate industry standard to certify that manufacturers’ published performance ratings are accurate. Only upon performance verification can manufacturers apply one of AHRI’s certification marks to the certified product to serve as visual statements of conformance.

DRI EcoFresh HRW MS 200 & MS 270 are AHRI Certified

DRI has been awarded 100% success rating under AHRI evaluation programme for last seven consecutive years & has been a participating member of the Eurovent certification program for Rotary Heat Exchangers right from its inception.

With over 200 man-years of research and development, DRI has perfected the “art and science” of manufacturing rotors for both latent and sensible recovery as well as for dehumidification.

DRI has world-class test facilities for performance evaluation of Enthalpy Wheels and Desiccant Wheels. DRI EcoFresh Lab has a world class Energy Recovery Testing Facility / R&D Lab for performance evaluation of Energy Wheels, in association with Intertek Testing Services, Cortland (Intertek Associates with AHRI for the AHRI 1060 Programme). DRI EcoDry Lab helps to test and produce rotors capable of delivering desired dew point for applications in pharmaceuticals, food, commercial fresh air systems etc. and extremely low dew points for specialized applications like lithium battery rooms and plastic dryers.

DRI exports over 70% of its produced equipment to almost all the countries in the world including South East Asia, China, India Sub continent, West Asia, Africa, Australia, Japan, Korea, Europe and North and South America.

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